Spread the (Gluten-free) Love!

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner – and what a happy holiday it can be.  When you celebrate and spread love everywhere, good things are bound to happen! Celiacs and gluten-free foodies need love too, so we hope you enjoy this post on how to show your allergen-free Valentine how great this holiday can be.


What’s the big deal about Valentine’s Day anyway?

Statistics show that 180 Million Valentine’s cards are exchanged annually. The average consumer spends $116 on Valentine’s gifts, 47.5% of which are candy or treats. There is literally TONNES of candy flying around during the month of February.

Not to mention, a staggering 53% of women surveyed said they’d potentially end a relationship if they didn’t get something on Valentine’s Day – no pressure guys!  On the flip side, an average of 11,000 children in the US alone are conceived on Valentine’s Day, so there’s always a flip side (wink, wink). (http://www.statisticbrain.com/valentines-day-statistics)

And speaking of children, let’s not forget about our mini-me’s.  Kids love to exchange Valentine’s each year with their classmates, and just about every school encourages a Valentine’s Day exchange.  With regulations on nut-free schools due to Sabrina’s Law trying to find the right Valentine’s treat to send along can be stressful.

Personally, we think that love should be celebrated every day, not just on one day per year.  But that doesn’t stop us from having fun with cute red, pink, and white decorations on our gluten-free goodies.


Can love be gluten-free?


Trying to find allergen free treats can be tricky.  If your Valentine is celiac, or trying to live a gluten-free lifestyle, the wrong treat can turn this lovely holiday into a miserable one faster than Cupid’s arrow.

Luckily, many large candy manufacturers produce gluten-free treats.  Rather than trying to decipher all the ways gluten is hidden on a nutrition label, refer to this comprehensive list for a quick reference when you hit the store.

For a more personal touch, visit Peartee Bakery!  Every single item we produce is completely gluten and nut-free, and all of our products are school safe.  Alyssa and the team have already started spreading love through the bakery, so don’t be surprised if you feel romantic when you leave.


Heart shaped….everything.


Isn’t it funny how heart-shaped food appears out of the woodwork this time of year? From pancakes to pizza, to cookies and cakes, it seems that no one gets sick of food shaped like hearts.

Our pizza dough can easily be made into a heart so you can treat your valentine to his or her favorite toppings.  Simply shape the dough, and follow our “425 for twenty-five” cooking instructions to enjoy a “love”-ly dinner with your number 1.  If this sounds like too much work, order up a custom-made pizza to go!

Treating your special someone to breakfast in bed? Grab some of our pancake mix and make heart-shaped pancakes to serve with berries and fresh coffee.

Need a batch of treats for your child’s class? Order up some heart-shaped cookies for them to pass out! They are sure to be a hit…especially if you order one for the teacher too.


We Heart You!

If you are planning something really special this year, give us a call! Our creative team can custom make your special someone a treat they won’t forget! Make sure to get your orders in by next Saturday (February 11) for pickup on the 13th or 14th.